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College Point Roller Hockey Registration Waiver 

In consideration of receiving permission from College Point Roller Hockey to roller skate and play roller hockey.  I hereby expressly agree;

To ASSUME ALL RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY, for any injuries I may sustain, any injuries I may cause to any other person, and any damage I may cause to the property of any other person  in connection  with my activities while  participating in a College Point Roller Hockey function.

TO RELEASE College Point Roller Hockey and its directors, officers, instructors, coaches, referees FROM ALL CLAIMS AND LIABILITY for any injuries I may sustain or any damage that may be caused to my property in connection with my activities in a College Point Roller Hockey function including without limitation, Injuries or property damage even if my injuries or the damage to my property is caused in whole or in part by negligence or fault of College Point Roller Hockey its directors, officers, instructors, coaches.

I have read and am familiar with the rules and regulation of  College Point Roller Hockey and agree to obey them.  I understand  that roller skating/roller hockey  is a dangerous sport which has physical body contact. I am also aware that all equipment which I wear  must  be  either  NHL, HECC,  NCAA, or AHAUS  approved and under no circumstances may approved equipment be altered or revised  in any manner.

In consideration of College Point Roller Hockey granting my son/daughter permission to play roller hockey or otherwise participate in CPRH functions and activities I herby agree on behalf of both myself and my son/daughter to ALL the terms and conditions set forth above

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